Overnight “in-home” resort: available 7 days a week: *$55 per dog. Departure day pick up is free of charge by 11am. Pick up after 11am through closing, will accrue an additional charge of $20 per dog.Drop off is by 4:30

Your dog will get the “in-home” experience in our home, where we live with the pack and enjoy the run of the "doghouse" and lots of outside play time 0n our beautiful artificial turf play yard.  Plenty of time is given for rest in our air conditioned play house, which have plenty of beds, blankets, pillows and toys along with a TV and radio. Night times include a tuck in with a bedtime snack & lots of love. Water is provided throughout the day indoor and out. We post pictures daily to our Facebook of your dog(s) during their stay.  

What we need from you when your pets are staying overnight with us:

  • Your pets food packed in *individual bags per meal *per day and marked (raw feeding include) House Food is available for $3 per meal and your choice of Earthborn with grain or grain-free. Earthborn canned food can be added for $1 a day

  • Their own bedding if you feel your dog(s) will be more comfortable with it.

  • No Toys, we have plenty

 We have beds, blankets, couches and chairs for your dogs' comfort while napping & sleeping. Since we are a "cage Free"/"Free roam" environment, we do require that your dog(s) get along with others and comes for at least a day of daycare prior to boarding..  We have plenty of "Pack/group" toys and ask that you leave personal toys at home.  Boarding Prices: Includes Daycare

  • Overnight Boarding $55 per night

  • Pickup after 11am is additional $20 per dog.

Boarding pick-up/drop off on Saturday and Sunday is by appointment

DayCare: is available from 7am to 7pm Monday – Friday

Closed on Saturday & sunday 

Your dog will enjoy outside play time in smaller groups with dogs that have similar play styles & size and our pack leaders on our beautiful artificial turf play yards. They will also have “nap times” to rest in our air conditioned play house throughout the day.  We post pictures daily to our Facebook page (Bark/Pack Life resort & daycare)during your dog(s) fun times in Day Care.

Daycare Prices are:

  • Half day 0-4 hrs: $15

  • Full day 4-8 hrs: $24 

  • Extended Day 8-12 hrs: $29 

Daycare *packages (discounted rates)

Half day packages:

  • 5 day $70

  • 10 day $135

  • 20 day $270 ( 0-4 hours)

Full day packages:

  • 5 day $115

  • 10 day $216

  • 20 day $432 ( 4-8 hours)

Extended day Packages:

  • 5 day $140

  • 10 day $261

  • 20 day $522 ( 8-12 hours)

*Packages are Good for 90 days after purchase

 Even when it rains, we have over 1400 square feet inside our large "doghouse" for playtime and rest. Don't let the rain stop your dog(s) from having fun!

  • Administering Meds $1 for each pill

  • ear drops $2

  • shots $5

Senior dog care prices vary based on the pet and type of care required.

Returned check fee $25

Cancellation without 24 hour notice will be charged $25 Per dog.

All prices subject to change without notice.

*10% off for military and first responders excludes Holiday Blackout dates