Full Grooming & bathing Available

Whether your dropping them off for daycare & want a bath before they leave or you want them fully groomed, we will take care of your fur-babies as our own.


 Our Groomers have been rated #1 in Pinellas County for 7 Years!

Daycare “Exit” Bathing is available at a discounted rate, it includes only a bath and dry. If Nails, De-Mat, De-shed etc need to be done then you would need to book one of our regular grooming packages. >Click above for that pricing<

*Exit Baths For Daycare Dogs

Toy 1-9lbs Small 10-25lbs Medium 26-45lbs Large 46-69lbs. Extra Large 70-99lbs. Giant 100+ lbs

Short Coat Toy $14 Sm $16 Med $20 Lg $25 XL $35 Giant $40

Long Coat Toy $20 Sm $24 Med $32 Lg $38 Xl $45 Giant $55

No De-Shedding or De-matting, only includes light brushing. Possible up-charge for double coat. If more care is needed please refer to Full Grooming packages