Our requirements for Daycare and boarding are as follows:

We require that your dog(s) are up to date on their Rabies, Distemper, Bordetella & *Canine Influenza vaccinations(H3N2 & H3N8) We must have a copy of this information before your dog(s) is/are able to stay with us. You may upload the information in your portal. We suggest that when your dog(s) boards with us, to bring their own food to avoid any stomach issues.  We use stainless steel bowls of a variety of sizes for feeding the dogs.  we do not need your own bowl unless you feel your dog will be more comfortable with it. We have plenty of dog beds, blankets, couches and chairs for your dogs' comfort, napping & sleeping.  you may bring your their own bedding if you feel your dog(s) will be more comfortable with it. Since we are a "cage Free"/"Free roam" environment, we do require that your dog(s) get along with others and comes for at least a half day of daycare prior to boarding..  We have plenty of "Pack/group" toys and ask that you leave personal toys at home.  


You will fill out customer info, then your pet info

and will also need to digitally sign contract.

Email Records to liz@barklifemarket.com

or Fax to 727.595.3248


any issues signing in please contact the office, Thank you.

*current clients will have a 45 day grace period to get the k9 influenza shots